Kelly Pickler in Beauty and the Beet

In Beauty and the Beet, Larry and his group of kids end up at an Alpine Lodge looking for a place to stay because their vehicle has broken down on their way to their next venue. Don’t ask me why none of Larry’s children are cucumbers, or where their mom is– maybe Petunia got a cold?– but this mix of three female vocalists, with the peas doing both stage hand work and the music has a lot of very catchy music that you will enjoy.

Part of this is because it features country music singer and American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler playing Maribell, the lead singer and “Beauty” in this retelling of the story. She’s a plucky girl that attempts to convince the owner of the lodge that he can sing, and that there’s love in everyone, if he’ll just look for it.

Some of the best moments in this DVD are the different ideas that Larry has to get out of the lodge. He’s reading a book while doing his job about escapes, he’s looking through this storage closet and attempts to use a rocket. Some of the costumes are top notch in this one, and it comes with a bonus music video at the end that you’ll want to see!

Faith is the Lyric, Hope is the Music, Love is the Song

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