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Thirteen Special Things About You!

Hugo Diaz Guenchur Bob and Larry close every show with saying “God Made You Special, and He Loves You Very Much” so I thought I’d list for you 13 ways you are special.

  1. Your DNA is so unique that it can be used to identify your parents.
  2. Even identical twins are different in some ways.
  3. Of all the different kinds of living beings on this planet, only humans have a soul/spirit.
  4. Although millions of people have come and gone before you, you are unique.
  5. People that were born over 200 years ago had no concept of many of the things that you use right now and take for granted.
  6. Your talents and gifts and the way that you use them are unique.
  7. If you’re a blogger, you’re the only one with your content—unless it’s being scraped!
  8. Your identity is your own, and now more than ever you are in control of it.
  9. God knows who you are by name, knows every hair on your head, and sent His Son to die for you.
  10. Your parents love and care for you.
  11. Your children love you.
  12. You have value and worth to your friends around you.
  13. You’re special for coming to this site—for not everyone will today!


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14. Viagra 😉
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