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Why Did Only Lucy see Aslan?

Lucy makes a very poignant statement in Prince Caspian.  The children and the dwarf have gone to find the Prince, and they’ve been following Peter’s direction.  Only Peter still hasn’t gotten it through his head that he’s been gone 1400 years.

They come to a ravine where there’s a stream running many feet below, and they decide that they must go around somewhere down the river.  Then Lucy sees Aslan, and he’s seeming to signal that she should follow him.

There are four different reactions to her statement:


Prince Caspian Lessons

I know, Prince Caspian is from the Chronicles of Narnia, but I just saw it this past Saturday with my family, and I can’t get over the number of lessons that I saw that could be learned from this story, so I’d like to spend some time this week telling you them, before getting back on the VeggieTales track.

I’m going to try to go about this from memory and work my way chronologically, but we’ll see how it goes. (If you don’t want the movie spoiled, you may not want to read past this part.)