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It’s Been Busy


In many ways I’ve felt a lot like President Bush here.  Today I received the last couple of paychecks from my old employer, and I’m knee deep in new projects with my new one.


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Peter and Susan will not Return

Or at least that’s what we’re told in Prince Caspian.  The truth is, however, slightly different.  It is true that for the third story only Edmund and Lucy return.  All four return for A Horse and His Boy and three of them return for The Last Battle.

What I believe Aslan is trying to say is that the two older ones have learned all they are going to for now, and the next adventure will be for the younger.  (I’m actively reading the books now with the little ones so I’ll let you know…)


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If I would have done this…

It isn’t until the movie’s almost over that Aslan finally makes an appearance.  It’s one of the most touching moments, as Aslan and Lucy talk, and yet one of the most convicting as well.

Lucy asks Aslan if it was truly him that she saw earlier, and Aslan asks her why she didn’t follow Him.  She replies that it would be hard for her to do it alone.  And then she asks the question that hurts the most…


This is How It Worked in the Past

One of the things that really jumped out at me in Prince Caspian was the time when they were all standing by the Stone Table inside the mound and they were discussing strategy as to how to defeat the Talamarane king.  High King Peter wanted to go in for a sneak attack, and get them in the castle.  Prince Caspian wanted to dig in at the mound and defend it.

Then Lucy speaks, implying that they should wait for Aslan– since that is how they won last time.

To this, Peter responds that maybe they were brought there to act, not to wait.