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Merry Larry

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Christmas is upon us once again! We all are going to the mall searching for that last gift or two, getting ready for Christmas Day. This is true for here, as well as for people that are from Veggietales. Larry works as a elf who gathers peoples ideas for gifts  they want on Christmas. He loves his job so much and calls himself Merry Larry. He enjoys spreading the Christmas love. While he is receiving gifts one day, a little girl asks him if he would like buy a Christmas card. He buys one and asks her what she is saving the money for. She says that she is trying to raise money for her neighbor so her neighbor can fix her house that burnt down. Larry immediately tries to help the little girl, but, through a lot of misunderstanding, things get a little out of hand…. A great Christmas movie for little kids.

Check out the hilarious silly song for kids!

Robin Good

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Robin Good is based off Robin Hood, but instead of stealing from the poor, he fundraises for the poor. He and his merry men sell lemonade, and sell games of golf. They understand that it is wrong to steal and they always stick together, until the Sheriff of Nottingham (played by Bob the Tomato) takes a ham that the crew worked on for a long time. Then the merry men want to steal from the king, but Robin Good (played by Larry the Cucumber) doesn’t think that is right. Which should Robin do, should he join his friends and do what he shouldn’t do, or do what he knows is right? more…

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What I Learned from Dave and the Giant Pickle

When I think about VeggieTales – Dave and the Giant Pickle, the first thing I think that I learned was that Asparagus have weird tastes.  They like to eat chicken leg, pizza and they drink crystal clear water from a martini glass with a straw.

But that’s nothing compared to the lessons that can be learned from this great Bible story.  One of the lessons that’s apart from the main lesson is that of taking advantage of those that want to make a difference.


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Esther and Courage

The main lesson of VeggieTales – Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen is that of courage.  What kind of courage?

  • Courage of conviction.
  • Courage in the face of death.
  • Courage to do what you know to be right.


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