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What I Learned about Neighbors

There are two different lessons on neighbors that Bob the Tomato wants us to grasp in Veggie Tales: Are You My Neighbor?.  The first is told through the story of the Good Samaritan– or Flibber-o-loo.  Besides being the most overused VeggieTales episode, Flibber-o-loo caries an important point– that even if someone is different from you, your hearts beat the same way.  Junior coming to the aid of Larry underscores the point that anyone can help another– you don’t have to be a grown up to do the right thing.

In the other story, we learn the second point: That differences are sometimes advantages.  The two gourds show the crew of the Applepies that their constant desire to eat can save the day.  The same way that Mr. Asparagus wants Junior to invite a foreign child to his birthday party because there is a lot we can learn from different people.

In application to our lives– are we available to help those around us regardless of station and where they are on the economic spectrum.  Willing to do this personally?  And who around us are we not getting to know because they are different than us?  Are we missing a blessing?

Who Is My Neighbor?

Veggie Tales: Are You My Neighbor? begs the question in the title– just who is our neighbor?  Is it just those that we like or are like, or is it also those that are unlike us.  And unlike us in what ways?

The story of the Good Samaritan is powerful on many levels– but the one that I don’t think we’ll every understand (comprehend, yes, understand, no) is the level of the hatred of the Samaritan and the power of what he did.  That he would do what the Priest and the Levite would not was a stinging rebuke to the questioner, and with that answer Jesus took their world and turned it upside down.


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