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Dodgers or the Debate?


Tonight is jam-packed.  We have Bible Study, then the Dodgers try to win game 5 tonight (if they don’t they’re out of it) and then the last Presidential Debate starts at 9:00 pm.

Which will you watch?  Any?


The Winner Was Clear!


Who did you think I meant?

Last night’s contest was no contest, and it was an entertaining game.  After watching the Vice Presidential debate, Penny Peach fell asleep while I watched the Los Angeles Dodgers play the Chicago Cubs—and what an exciting game that was.

Of course, by the time I joined the game, the Dodgers had already scored 5 on errors by the Cubs’ infield.

I don’t usually catch many of their games because of the time zone, etc., but when they make the playoffs I try to watch more.

Right now, my little veggies are more into soccer, and with baseball being on so late, I’m not sure if they’ll ever get into it.

I’ll have to take them to a live game next year or something.


Who are you rooting for this post-season?

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Peter Likes Baseball

So, this past weekend I finally made it out on the field with some of my fruity friends to do battle royal on the old diamond with the Gourds.  It was a valiant game—for all of the first few pitches.

We were squashed 32-5.

But still, I like baseball and softball, and I’m not doing too bad with the fantasy variety of the game.  Well, some of my baseball picks are on the DL right now, which isn’t doing well for my team’s balance.


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