Silly Little Thing Called Love Trailer

Here’s one I haven’t had a chance to see yet—kinda—but it’s in my Netflix cue.  Repackaged together are some classic VeggieTales episodes on love.

I think they really like to put Flibber-o-loo onto every DVD they can…

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Have you seen the latest VeggieTales video, Pistachio – The Little Boy That Woodn’t?

We were actually able to see this on Netflix, and it was terrific.  Our kids have watched it many times.  Here’s the trailer:

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Hope’s Song

This is one of my all time favorite VeggieTales songs, and it’s appropriate this time of year.

What started at Christmas, culminated at Resurrection Sunday–

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Pa Grape Needs Some New Glasses

cool As you know, Pa Grape doesn’t have any eyes—at least, not that we can see.  That means that it’s very important that he has good eyewear.

The problem is, being a VeggieTales superstar doesn’t exactly bring with it a big paycheck.  I mean, it used to be that new DVDs were $14.99, and now they’re only $9.99!


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