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VeggieTales: My Day

This song is from the Junior’s Bedtime CD and was made into video for Larry’s Wonderful World of Autotainment.  It features a good Junior and a bad Junior.

The song starts out with Junior reminiscing about his day in a prayer to God.  He remembers the good things he did, like thanking mom for the food she made, making his bed, having lunch with Bob and Larry.

Then it remembers the things he did wrong– like not picking up his underclothes, watching too much TV and not feeding his dog.  Bet you didn’t know that Junior had a dog (or a dog’s tail!).

In either case, Junior finds comfort in knowing that God loves him and that His love was with Junior all throughout his day.

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VeggieTales: I Want to Dance

This song is sung by Jerry Gourd’s “Dr. Jiggle” character in “Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly” which is on The Snoodle’s Tale DVD.  Basically, Jerry plays the part of a gourd whose only dream in life is to be able to dance, but is unable to because of his physique– being large on the bottom.

So, what does Dr. Jiggle do to accomplish his dream besides take dancing lessons?  He takes some potion that turns him into Mr. Sly.  When confronted by his friends, he sings a song about how his only aspiration in life was to dance and “feel the rush of the wind under his shoes.”

Don’t even ask about a gourd with shoes– veggies don’t have feet and hands, right?  Well, in this episode, you actually see feet and hands for one vegetable, but you’ll have to watch it to find out which one!

There are two arrangements of this tune, one with a more classical feel and one with a more disco sound to it.

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VeggieTales: I Can Be Your Friend

One of the popular and yet early songs from VeggieTales is I Can Be Your Friend.  It’s found on the DVD Are You My Neighbor and is first sung by Junior and Jerry Gourd after they rescue the U.S.S. Applepies from the popcorn meteor attack.  Junior Asparagus realizes that he should be friends with anyone, not just the people that are like him.

There are some really cute quotes from this song.  This is the first song, I believe, where we find out that “Aunt Ruth” has a beard.  Junior sings that “friend” is a better name than “weirdo.”

It’s short and to the point– leaving you with a great feeling and a catchy tune that shows up behind many veggie previews that follow.

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VeggieTales: The Forgiveness Song

This song is on the second VeggieTales ever made, VeggieTales: God Wants me to Forgive Them?  It was the first song performed by a man with professional talent.  I believe it was the voice of Tony the Tiger, but you can correct me if I’m wrong.

This song occurs at the end of the “Gilligan’s Island” segment of the DVD, and is sung by a coconut tree with the coconuts singing backup.

The point of the song?  Since God has forgiven us, we should forgive others and forgiveness comes from the heart.  We must each do our part to show forgiveness to others.

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