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Thirteen Special Things About You!

Hugo Diaz Guenchur Bob and Larry close every show with saying “God Made You Special, and He Loves You Very Much” so I thought I’d list for you 13 ways you are special.

  1. Your DNA is so unique that it can be used to identify your parents.
  2. Even identical twins are different in some ways.
  3. Of all the different kinds of living beings on this planet, only humans have a soul/spirit.
  4. Although millions of people have come and gone before you, you are unique.
  5. People that were born over 200 years ago had no concept of many of the things that you use right now and take for granted.
  6. Your talents and gifts and the way that you use them are unique.
  7. If you’re a blogger, you’re the only one with your content—unless it’s being scraped!
  8. Your identity is your own, and now more than ever you are in control of it.
  9. God knows who you are by name, knows every hair on your head, and sent His Son to die for you.
  10. Your parents love and care for you.
  11. Your children love you.
  12. You have value and worth to your friends around you.
  13. You’re special for coming to this site—for not everyone will today!


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Thirteen Reasons To Get In the VeggieTales Review Contest

What?  You didn’t hear?  VeggieTales Review is having it’s first giveaway, and we’re giving away a copy of the new VeggieTales DVD, Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry to one lucky reader/entrant of VeggieTales Review.

In honor of this event, we would like to present thirteen reasons to get into the Contest:

  1. Fun: Contests create excitement, and there’s nothing like a Plum and a Raspberry giving away a Tomato and a Cucumber.
  2. Free: Yep, all you have to do is comment, subscribe and/or link and you’re entered! (NOTE: You must do this on this post, commenting here does not count!)
  3. VeggieTales: Yes, this is the newest episode, and it’s the first one since the movie back in January.
  4. Store: Nope, you won’t have to go to an online or even physical store to get it—your copy will be free.
  5. Kids: Your kids will love the fun.
  6. Parents: You’ll love the moral lessons.
  7. Helping: This story is all about helping others.
  8. Silly: Yep, there’s a brand new silly song with Larry—I think that Archibald is tagging along somewhere.
  9. Happy: The way you will feel for winning the contest.
  10. Subscription: To keep you up to date on all things veggie, and when you can win more VeggieTales stuff.
  11. Trivia: We’ll be doing some more trivia contests, and by entering and subscribing you’ll have all the information you need to win the next contest.
  12. Please: Because we’d like you to enter!
  13. Friends: Tell all your friends!  The only thing more fun than winning a contest, is winning a contest with a lot of entrants!



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Thirteen Summer Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year again, when people are outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  It’s also the time when some specific safety tips could come in handy so you can enjoy the weather and all that goes with it.

We interviewed the nurse from the belly button silly song, and she needs to tell you something: these are the hints she gave us to have a safe summer…

1. Wear sunscreen if outside.  Don’t forget to cover ears, hair parts, the back of the neck, and the tops of feet.  Some of those areas are liable to be forgotten.  Too much sun may cause over-ripening.

2. Refrigeration reminders:  food that contains mayonnaise, eggs, milk, and some other quick to spoil ingredients should be put in the cooler to keep people from getting sick and ruining picnics with the little veggies.

3. Keep water with you at all times.  Dehydration is a serious thing.  So keep some water in the car, and make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids.

4. Yep, it’s the time for bugs as well.  Bees’ and wasps’ stings can be very painful, so keep some benadryl on hand, or some other kind of allergy medicine that can be taken in case of bites, stings, and rashes.

5. If you’re near the water, remember to pay attention to the little veggies around you.  Make sure, if they cannot swim, that they are wearing life jackets. (Not all veggies float naturally.)

6.  Also, don’t leave them at the pool or lake unattended.  Knowing when there will be a lifeguard on duty is also a helpful thing to keep children safe.  Keep in mind to have the little veggies wear appropriate swim attire– watch out for tan lines!

7. Remember, when outside, hats and sunglasses are your friends.  Squinting for long periods of time can make you have a headache.

8. While you don’t want to stay inside watching veggietales all day, you don’t wont to be outside for too many hours and become over heated.  Heat rashes and heat strokes can occur if one is outside for long periods of time.  Especially when in direct sunlight without access to shade.

9. When the temperature gets very high, make sure all pets have an adequate source of water.

10. In hot weather, don’t overeat, it might make veggies (even those who don’t have belly buttons) feel sick or lazy.

11. If it is too hot to go outside, stay in a place where it’s cool, this will prolong shelf-life, and prevent premature rottenness.

12. When camping, take flashlights and first aid supplies.  God is bigger than the boogey man, but flashlights can certainly shed some light on scary subjects.

13. Remember to have fun, but be safe as well.  First aid and cpr classes are also helpful to take!

That’s it from the veggietales nurse!!  (And if there’s something missing in your midriff’s decor, that’s perfectly normal for gourds!!!)

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Thirteen Ways to Run a Blog Contest

Are you interested in winning a copy of the new VeggieTales DVD when it comes out July 12th?  Jazz and I are thinking through what kinds of contests we could run, see what you think of our ideas so far:

  1. The Usual: Points for subscribing, points for a post, and random selection.
  2. The Writers:  Submit a guest post for VeggieTales Review, and have a judging.
  3. The Trivia Contest: Create a Trivia Contest and those who get the most points win.
  4. The Thursday Thirteen: Come up with thirteen things to do and use them as entries into the contest.
  5. The Link Love: The winner is the one who sends the most person through their blog to this one.
  6. The Comment War: Those who get the most comments from a person mentioning that they heard about the contest from them wins.
  7. The Photos: Pictures of you with your favorite vegetable—judged by originality and voting.
  8. The Episodes: Come up with a show and tell us who you’d cast as whom (like StarFruit Trek: Next Germination)
  9. The Teammate: Join up with the writers of VeggieTales Review to help write posts about VeggieTales.
  10. The Fruit Name: Come up with a fruit name for your self—judged for originality or by popular vote.
  11. The Raffle: 5 cents a ticket—we’ll draw the winner.
  12. All Time Comments: Randomly choose someone from anyone who has ever left a comment.
  13. The Weeklong Contest:  Release something (like one of these ideas) once a day for points, and the one with the most points at the end of the week wins.

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