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Is Yogi Bear a Hero?

So I was just watching TV the other day, and Yogi Bear came on the screen. Now first of all, for us Vegetables Yogi Bear is the classic kidnapper. He steals from the people that rightfully own us and takes us into the woods where he eats us! Even thinking about it is so traumatic! I think I’m going to need a moment to, like, compose myself.

So anyways, Yogi seems all nice and friendly because he’s, like, “Smarter than the average bear” but y’all know that’s just a line he uses to excuse his thievin’ ways. He’s a criminal, and that poor Ranger Smith, he’s always having to let that bear win.

I mean, just look at Cindy and Boo Boo. They’re fine bears and never do anything wrong, unless Yogi cons them into playing along with his schemes.

If you’re asking me, Jellystone would be better off without Yogi Bear, even if his antics are sometimes amusing to watch. He’s giving bears a bad rap– though I guess that if you’re a vegetable like me you should stay away from him and all bears regardless.

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How Big is too Big?

Larry Boy Fib

One of the interesting things about this show is that it demonstrates how a little lie can turn into a big lie in short order.

How often have you found that you have to tell a new lie, or embellish an old one in order for it to keep up its believability factor?

The funny thing about lying is not that the truth eventually gets out– that’s the scary part.


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Not Helping is the Same as Hurting

The central theme of The Big Rescue is the idea that not helping is the same as hurting.  This concept is brought out in a few different ways.

Tomato Sawyer (Bob the Tomato) only wants to do what he has to to help Little Jimmy Gourd get back to his mother in St. Louis.  Huckleberry Larry (Larry the Cucumber) wants to make sure to help until Jimmy gets home.

This is how Tom feels as he gets a ticket back to his homestead site until his fishing pole is broken and the announcer could have prevented it.

Yep, a little hokey there when you describe it plainly.


The Return of Phil Vischer

Why do I call this DVD the return of Phil Vischer?  It’s not because he and Big Idea have a new deal in place.  It’s not because he wrote this script.  It’s not because his voice is in the commentary track (for it isn’t).

It’s because this is the first story in a while that had his imprint all over it.

Vischer’s Finger-Prints

From the very beginning of this story it feels like one of the VeggieTales stories of old.

For one thing, when they’re floating down the Mississippi River, and they come to Muskateen (whoever heard of this town—sorry for those who live there!) the sign reads “Birthplace of Phil Vischer).


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