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The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo

The appearance of a new VeggieTales episode means a brand new silly song.  And this one is a trip.

Larry forgets to come up with a Silly Song, so Archibald steps in and our favorite Veggies are all in the van from Jonah, this time with Twippo Archibald with the guitar.

They’re on their way to see a biscuit that has some historic purpose, but along the way they have to make many stops, before finding that Jimmy and Jerry have eaten what they think is the biscuit—but it actually turns out to be another biscuit.

Memorable?  Maybe.  Not one of their best, but it is cute:


When Stuck in Your Room

Jazz here, and yes, I have been stuck in my room for quite a few days now.  I think this is day six……  Yes, I’m going a little crazy, so I decided I might need counseling, and that reminded me of a song…… Larry and I might have more in common than I thought!

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This was my all time favorite song before I heard the belly button song!  (Now they’re tied)  Also, I think this was the first silly song with Larry I had ever heard!



Is it an Ape?


I saw this one for the first time just a little while ago and I laughed.  So I thought I’d share with you all.  (By the way, if it has a tail it’s a monkey….)


From one little monkey to another…..