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Bad News for the Veggies

August Vegetables 2

According to Phil Vischer, this is not a good Christmas for all of us Veggies, and our fans.  It appears that the current owner of the VeggieTales company, Big Idea, has hit on some financial hardship, and has made some drastic choices:


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JellyTelly Coming Soon

vischer If you don’t follow Phil Vischer’s blog, you’re likely to miss the updates about what’s going on in his post-VeggieTales life.  And some of it is very interesting.

Believing in his ability to see what’s coming next, Vischer has pulled together funding to create a Christian Children’s television network online called “JellyTelly” that will have a subscription fee to watch the shows that he’s producing there.

They will feature all new material (no Bob or Larry) and will have shorts featuring missionaries and kids doing God’s work.

It sounds like an exciting adventure, and it should be going live very shortly.

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The Return of Phil Vischer

Why do I call this DVD the return of Phil Vischer?  It’s not because he and Big Idea have a new deal in place.  It’s not because he wrote this script.  It’s not because his voice is in the commentary track (for it isn’t).

It’s because this is the first story in a while that had his imprint all over it.

Vischer’s Finger-Prints

From the very beginning of this story it feels like one of the VeggieTales stories of old.

For one thing, when they’re floating down the Mississippi River, and they come to Muskateen (whoever heard of this town—sorry for those who live there!) the sign reads “Birthplace of Phil Vischer).


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Big Idea For Sale?

Phil Vischer had something interesting to share on his blog today:

Well… this is interesting!  A story ran in the London Sunday Times yesterday claiming Entertainment Rights was considering selling off Big Idea.  The story says new CEO Nick Phillips wants to reduce debt by "selling some of the less profitable areas of the group," implying, of course, that Big Idea is one of those "less profitable" areas.  I couldn’t find the original story, but here is a summary.

How much will they be willing to sell it for?  How many interested buyers will they find out there?  Stay tuned… this could get very interesting…


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