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It’s Not Easy Being Married

After a long day back at work yesterday, I found out that the roof our the house that we are renting had a leak.  This leak is in the worst of locations—it’s right over our bed.

Of course, Penny wouldn’t like the ceiling to come down on her, so I tore the bed down, moved all the little veggies into the same room, and took over the older veggies’ room.

That wasn’t fun.


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Veggies At Play

Esme Lollipop

What do your young veggies like to do?

My veggies like to play our Wii—but they don’t just play it, when they turn it off and walk away they start playing and acting out where they think the story will go next.

At lunch or dinner they will recount the new things they’ve discovered on their game—in context like we totally know what they’re talking about.


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Training Little Vegetables


What is the primary responsibility for the family?  In my opinion it’s training up the next generation—raising a godly seed.


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The Cracked DVD

Big River Rescue Otherwise entitled, “Why you shouldn’t let your youngest fruit open DVD cases.”

It was an accident, of this much I’m sure.  I know that my youngest really likes her VeggieTales, but I also know that she really likes to prove that she’s older than she is—that being all of 2!


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