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Silly Little Thing Called Love Trailer

Here’s one I haven’t had a chance to see yet—kinda—but it’s in my Netflix cue.  Repackaged together are some classic VeggieTales episodes on love.

I think they really like to put Flibber-o-loo onto every DVD they can…

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Have you seen the latest VeggieTales video, Pistachio – The Little Boy That Woodn’t?

We were actually able to see this on Netflix, and it was terrific.  Our kids have watched it many times.  Here’s the trailer:

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Minnesota Cuke is Back!


This short section doesn’t really give us much to go on.  And what August do they mean?  Certainly not this one!

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see what they do—whether they try to take more from the movies, or whether they’ll go off on their own tangent.

Stay tuned…

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Another Christmas VeggieTales?


So, what would you think of this idea of a new VeggieTales Christmas episode, based on the idea of the story of Saint Nick?

They’ve done the story of Saint Patrick before.  Is this good for our kids?  Do you do Santa with your children?

It’ll be interesting to see how they treat this subject.  They have done Santa before, as a part of the Toy that Saved Christmas—Bob was playing Santa in that sill song.

[Hat Tip: Macy]

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