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Big Idea For Sale?

Phil Vischer had something interesting to share on his blog today:

Well… this is interesting!  A story ran in the London Sunday Times yesterday claiming Entertainment Rights was considering selling off Big Idea.  The story says new CEO Nick Phillips wants to reduce debt by "selling some of the less profitable areas of the group," implying, of course, that Big Idea is one of those "less profitable" areas.  I couldn’t find the original story, but here is a summary.

How much will they be willing to sell it for?  How many interested buyers will they find out there?  Stay tuned… this could get very interesting…


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Huckleberry Larry’s Due Date

Check out Concept Art from Our Next New Show!!

Well, I’ve finally got official word via the VeggieTales newsletter that Huckleberry Larry (Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue) is set for general release on July 12, 2008.

Wow, that was a long time in coming, and a lot of interesting discussion about release dates.

Will you run out to get it on the date?  Try to get it at a Christian book store before the date?

And how long before the next one comes out?!

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Musing about Snoodles

So this week, my little ones were watching A Snoodle’s Tale, and there’s this one part that was a little strange.  It was the part when the little Snoodle got up to the top, and he’s talking with the Big Snoodle (if that’s what he’s called– in the allegory this is supposed to be God), and Bob says that what the Big Snoodle said warmed him down to his feet.



But he didn’t have feet.  Is that another inside joke like in the opening credits where Larry tells Bob that they don’t have hands?

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A Clip from "Lessons from the Sock Drawer"

Here’s a clip from the new VeggieTales episode that they just released.  I believe this is one of the two “new” segments that they added to this one that is much like Larry’s Wonderful World of Autotainment in its feel.

I’m glad to hear that Huckleberry Larry will be out July 1, 2008, and perhaps Big Idea will get back to a normal schedule after that– otherwise that would be the pits (coming from a Plum, that’s quite a statement!).


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