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Big Idea Storewide Sale

That’s right, Big Idea is having a sale on all things Veggie—40% off everything in the store, no coupon needed.  Plus, you get free shipping on all orders of $30 or more.


That’s 40% off all books, CDs, Home, Toys and DVDs.  So if you like the Veggies, head on over and get yourself some!



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Tim Hodge’s Son Matthew in Accident

From Phil Vischer:

This is a very brief post with a heavy heart.  Longtime VeggieTales writer/director Tim Hodge and his family need our prayers right now – they’re 18 year-old son Matthew was in a car accident last night and is currently fighting for his life in a Nashville hospital.  Pray for the doctors currently working on Matthew, as well as his parents Tim and Sandy and his younger sister Abby, that they would feel God’s presence in this very dark hour.  Tim has been a key part of the Big Idea family for quite some time, so many Big Idea folks are with them right now.  I’ll keep you informed as we learn more.

An update:

Well, the good news is that Tim Hodge’s son Matthew is still with us this morning (Monday morning).  He made it through the night and is headed in for surgery to relieve additional pressure in his head.  I don’t believe he has been conscious since the car accident Saturday evening, so there is still the question of brain function and long-term damage.  But he is still here.

Tim and Sandy Hodge send their thanks for your prayers!

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A Strange Case of Deja Vu

As many of you may or may not be aware, the current owner of Big Idea, Inc—the company that makes VeggieTales—is in financial trouble and is selling off pieces in bankruptcy.  What you may not know is that the new owners are the old owners:

Way back in 2003, the assets of Big Idea Productions were bought by a company called Classic Media, run by two guys named John Engelman and Eric Ellenbogen.  In 2007 John and Eric sold Classic Media and the new Big Idea to a British company called Entertainment Rights

— snipp —

…Lloyds of London successfully sold off the assets of Entertainment Rights last week.  To whom?  John Engelman and Eric Ellenbogen.  The same two guys who owned Classic and Big Idea two years ago.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Bob and Larry from here, but it would be interesting (would it not) if this enabled them to get on JellyTelly or allowed Phil Vischer to step in and get them back?

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Bad News for the Veggies

August Vegetables 2

According to Phil Vischer, this is not a good Christmas for all of us Veggies, and our fans.  It appears that the current owner of the VeggieTales company, Big Idea, has hit on some financial hardship, and has made some drastic choices:


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