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Independence Day!

Independence Day is a time to thank those soldiers, firemen, policemen, veterans… for all they do for us and all that they have done throughout the years.  So thank you to those who have made a difference and kept this country free!  Here at we’d like to thank those who served in the pie war as well.  And a special thank you to all those who fought bravely and another one to the families of those who were creamed.  Their service and honor will never be forgotten.

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Thirteen Summer Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year again, when people are outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  It’s also the time when some specific safety tips could come in handy so you can enjoy the weather and all that goes with it.

We interviewed the nurse from the belly button silly song, and she needs to tell you something: these are the hints she gave us to have a safe summer…

1. Wear sunscreen if outside.  Don’t forget to cover ears, hair parts, the back of the neck, and the tops of feet.  Some of those areas are liable to be forgotten.  Too much sun may cause over-ripening.

2. Refrigeration reminders:  food that contains mayonnaise, eggs, milk, and some other quick to spoil ingredients should be put in the cooler to keep people from getting sick and ruining picnics with the little veggies.

3. Keep water with you at all times.  Dehydration is a serious thing.  So keep some water in the car, and make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids.

4. Yep, it’s the time for bugs as well.  Bees’ and wasps’ stings can be very painful, so keep some benadryl on hand, or some other kind of allergy medicine that can be taken in case of bites, stings, and rashes.

5. If you’re near the water, remember to pay attention to the little veggies around you.  Make sure, if they cannot swim, that they are wearing life jackets. (Not all veggies float naturally.)

6.  Also, don’t leave them at the pool or lake unattended.  Knowing when there will be a lifeguard on duty is also a helpful thing to keep children safe.  Keep in mind to have the little veggies wear appropriate swim attire– watch out for tan lines!

7. Remember, when outside, hats and sunglasses are your friends.  Squinting for long periods of time can make you have a headache.

8. While you don’t want to stay inside watching veggietales all day, you don’t wont to be outside for too many hours and become over heated.  Heat rashes and heat strokes can occur if one is outside for long periods of time.  Especially when in direct sunlight without access to shade.

9. When the temperature gets very high, make sure all pets have an adequate source of water.

10. In hot weather, don’t overeat, it might make veggies (even those who don’t have belly buttons) feel sick or lazy.

11. If it is too hot to go outside, stay in a place where it’s cool, this will prolong shelf-life, and prevent premature rottenness.

12. When camping, take flashlights and first aid supplies.  God is bigger than the boogey man, but flashlights can certainly shed some light on scary subjects.

13. Remember to have fun, but be safe as well.  First aid and cpr classes are also helpful to take!

That’s it from the veggietales nurse!!  (And if there’s something missing in your midriff’s decor, that’s perfectly normal for gourds!!!)

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God Made You Special…..

How many people actually believe that?  The struggle is common to many: knowing that they are truly unique, that they are special to anyone.  Bob and Larry are good at reminding children that they are special to the Creator of the Universe, and not only are they special, they are loved very much.

Children are not the only ones special to God.  Every person, no matter their age is special to God: He thought of each one before they were ever made. ("Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.  And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them." Psalm 139:16)

The majesty in every creation on this earth, every vegetable, fruit, flower, and animal can be seen by those who choose to look for it.  And when looking at each flake of snow and knowing that each is different, each little detail matters to the One who formed it, how much more can it be displayed that each person is special?

So, you are special, never let anyone tell you otherwise.



                                            And He loves you very much!

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Red Raspberry…..

Yesterday, we were in a pickle….  And we got crushed.  You’ll find little bits of seeds and puddles of juice all over the field where we played a double header in softball yesterday.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t a pretty sight. 

Now I know what it must be like to live in a vegetable field where the hot sun beats down on you, and like what happens to tomatoes, happened to this raspberry as well: I got red!!  (I didn’t get burned too bad, but I think the sun kissed me just a little more than I wanted to be kissed….)

But to make a long story short, our team of veggies couldn’t stand the heat and we were dehydrated and pink as we ended the softball games and headed for home.  (Any veggies out there who would like to sign up to play on our team, let me know, we could use some back up…  Please, no growth hormones added.)

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