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Disney Characters Singing VeggieTales Songs

Hey everyone. Man am I glad to be back and bloggin’ here at VeggieTales Review!

How have y’all been?

I was checking out YouTuber the other day and found that this guy that claims he does our music got together with this guy that does impressions and he sang VeggieTales songs:

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When Stuck in Your Room

Jazz here, and yes, I have been stuck in my room for quite a few days now.  I think this is day six……  Yes, I’m going a little crazy, so I decided I might need counseling, and that reminded me of a song…… Larry and I might have more in common than I thought!

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She’s Back! (Just when you thought it was safe…)

JazzRasp is back!  Profoundest apologies to those who missed me, the last few weeks have been insanely crazy!  But I’m back on the front lines of the Pie War fighting for the younger veggies of the culture and leading the charge against the enemies who are armed with lots of whip cream. 


There will be more coming soon…


My friend the Peach and I bring you greetings from college where we are Resident Assistants together.


God made you special, and He loves you very much!



This was my all time favorite song before I heard the belly button song!  (Now they’re tied)  Also, I think this was the first silly song with Larry I had ever heard!