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Is Yogi Bear a Hero?

So I was just watching TV the other day, and Yogi Bear came on the screen. Now first of all, for us Vegetables Yogi Bear is the classic kidnapper. He steals from the people that rightfully own us and takes us into the woods where he eats us! Even thinking about it is so traumatic! I think I’m going to need a moment to, like, compose myself.

So anyways, Yogi seems all nice and friendly because he’s, like, “Smarter than the average bear” but y’all know that’s just a line he uses to excuse his thievin’ ways. He’s a criminal, and that poor Ranger Smith, he’s always having to let that bear win.

I mean, just look at Cindy and Boo Boo. They’re fine bears and never do anything wrong, unless Yogi cons them into playing along with his schemes.

If you’re asking me, Jellystone would be better off without Yogi Bear, even if his antics are sometimes amusing to watch. He’s giving bears a bad rap– though I guess that if you’re a vegetable like me you should stay away from him and all bears regardless.

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Starfruit Trek: Next Germination

Casting Call:

So, Pete and I were talking about how the next Star Trek movie should come from Big Idea. And we decided we’d have to figure out who could play whom. So, here’s the list. Tell us what you think!

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard? Bob the Tomato, of course.
    Commander Riker? Has to be Larry the Pickle… sorry… Cucumber.
    Counselor Troi – Esther.
    Oh, and Data? Yeah, Archibald.
    Worf is perfect for Mr. Lunt. (Can’t you just see his forehead ridges?)
    Dr. Beverly Crusher – Petunia Rhubarb.
    Wesley? Of course! Perfect for Junior!
    Chief O’Brien – Maybe Mr. Nezzar.
    Guinan – Madame Blueberry!

How about for La Forge, Barclay, the Doctor, and Q?  What are your thoughts?