The Cracked DVD

Big River Rescue Otherwise entitled, “Why you shouldn’t let your youngest fruit open DVD cases.”

It was an accident, of this much I’m sure.  I know that my youngest really likes her VeggieTales, but I also know that she really likes to prove that she’s older than she is—that being all of 2!

So, it didn’t surprise me when I came home to the news that she had opened up our copy of the Big River Rescue and the that the disc had cracked!

The shock!

The horror!

It’s crazy, but I still haven’t gotten around to replacing that DVD.  My kids are growing older, and VeggieTales is not having the influence in their lives that it once had.  I’m not sure when it started to change, or whether it’s just that they’ve seen them 100 times (or is it I that have seen them that many times?), but I’m still looking forward to getting this one replaced, and the next one that’s coming out.


Have you had a similar circumstance?  When did your kids “outgrow” their favorite Veggies?

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