What’s On Your Wrist?


It’d be something if vegetables had hands—I mean, there’d be all sorts of neat things that we could do, like wear wristbands.

That’s right, there are so many neat wristbands out there that we could wear to remind us of things or to just carry around identification.

One of the wristbands I really like are those that reminds us of Jesus—WWJD.  Now, that phrase has been twisted many different ways—with all sorts of people trying to say that what they would do is what He would do, but it still carries a pretty powerful meaning.

And then there are the “Livestrong” ones that remind us to do our best.

It turns out that you can even create your own Custom Tyvek Wristbands where you can have your own message.  I’m thinking of getting one that says “Vegetables are more than ‘What’s for dinner’”.  What do you think?

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