We Have a Winner

The First VeggieTales Review Contest has officially closed, and the e-mail has been sent to Mary of Home-Steeped Hope.  Make sure you can receive e-mails from PeterPlum[at]VeggieTalesReview[dot]net.

The winner has 24 hours from this post to reply to the e-mail, or we’ll pick another name.

For those of you interested in how the drawing was made, I awarded points as stated in the contest rules, placing those that subscribed to the top of the list.  For each point you had, you received a range of numbers in excel.  I then had excel select a random number between the minimum and maximum of the range.

This first winning number was 24, and Mary’s range was from 19-26.  (She received 8 points for commenting, subscribing, and writing a post.)

So, if she does not respond to the e-mail sent to her in 24 hours we will select another number by the same means.

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One Response
  1. Mary says:

    Of course she responded to the email!! 😉

    THANK YOU PETER PLUM!!!! We are going to love this DVD!