Is Yogi Bear a Hero?

So I was just watching TV the other day, and Yogi Bear came on the screen. Now first of all, for us Vegetables Yogi Bear is the classic kidnapper. He steals from the people that rightfully own us and takes us into the woods where he eats us! Even thinking about it is so traumatic! I think I’m going to need a moment to, like, compose myself.

So anyways, Yogi seems all nice and friendly because he’s, like, “Smarter than the average bear” but y’all know that’s just a line he uses to excuse his thievin’ ways. He’s a criminal, and that poor Ranger Smith, he’s always having to let that bear win.

I mean, just look at Cindy and Boo Boo. They’re fine bears and never do anything wrong, unless Yogi cons them into playing along with his schemes.

If you’re asking me, Jellystone would be better off without Yogi Bear, even if his antics are sometimes amusing to watch. He’s giving bears a bad rap– though I guess that if you’re a vegetable like me you should stay away from him and all bears regardless.

Test Your Knowledge of A Toy That Saved Christmas

What famous movie came out around the time of The Toy that Saved Christmas that was the inspiration for it?

In the behind the scenes on the DVD, there is talk that Toy Story came out and they wanted to create a character like Buzz Lightyear (sound similar?) and they have a whole scene where there are many Buzzsaw Louies stacked together.

At one point during this show, Bob ends up falling off a sled and says that he wishes they were doing what he'd prefer, to play his favorite board game which is...

Big Idea Productions

Bob also makes reference to this game during the League of Incredible Vegetables.

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Oh Santa

It’s time to check out the silly song from this week’s review– The Toy that Saved Christmas. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a big fan of the guy in red– and I’m not talking about Bob the Tomato. I mean, he’s red and all, but people have issues telling whether he’s sitting or standing. Come to think of it, doesn’t Bob play Santa in this one. Let’s watch and see…

Ok, so this is definitely the first Winter Silly Song, and if I remember right they’re all about Santa, or some reference to him. I mean, why not? They guy spends all Christmas Eve delivering presents, or fighting with reindeer or something. How else do you think that Randolph’s nose got red.

In any case, quite the cute toon, though I hope there are no IRS agents reading this. I mean, I totally respect law enforcement, and I have paid my taxes. Please don’t audit me!

I never did get the whole Santa eats cookies thing, though. I mean, how many cookies can one guy eat? I sure hope he has some kind of magic to get up the chimney, cause all those cookies– he’d have to have a restroom on the sleigh or something.

Anyway, that’s it for this look at a silly song. See you next week.

Disney Characters Singing VeggieTales Songs

Hey everyone. Man am I glad to be back and bloggin’ here at VeggieTales Review!

How have y’all been?

I was checking out YouTuber the other day and found that this guy that claims he does our music got together with this guy that does impressions and he sang VeggieTales songs: